Foraging in Cunningham Park - Nov 14, 1999

Pictures from a foraging tour in Cunningham Park (Queens, New York) given by "Wildman" Steve Brill.

1: Common Evening Primrose
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2: Common Evening Primrose
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3: Common Evening Primrose. Note white vein down the middle of the leaf.
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4: Common Evening Primrose - Flower
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5: Common Evening Primrose. Some seeds in Wildman's hand.
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6: Common Evening Primrose. Note four-parted stigma forming an X. I don't know why it wasn't centered better.
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7: Common Evening Primrose - dried flowers.
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8: Common Evening Primrose - dried flowers.
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9: Wild Carrot
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10: Wild Carrot
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11: Wild Carrot
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12: Lamb's-Quarters
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13: Lamb's-Quarters
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14: Lamb's-Quarters
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15: Red Clover
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16: Red Clover
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17: Red Clover
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18: Sheep Sorrel
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19: Sheep Sorrel
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20: Sheep Sorrel
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21: Hawthorne Berries
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22: Poison Ivy - patch. Wildman always points this one out and warns the tour participants.
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23: Blackberry.
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24: Aniseroot (Sweet Cicely)
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25: Aniseroot (Sweet Cicely)
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26: Aniseroot (Sweet Cicely)
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27: Aniseroot (Sweet Cicely). This and the next were from later in the tour.
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28: Aniseroot (Sweet Cicely)
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29: Sassafras. Well, the leaves had all fallen, and the camera would never have focused on the twigs of the little ones, so I took pictures of some trunks. This one the flash came on.
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30: Sassafras. Then I tried one with the flash turned off.
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31: Sassafras. A bigger trunk with the flash on. The camera has a tendency to overexpose flash pictures.
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32: Sassafras. So I took one with the flash off. But with the longer exposure time, and hand holding the camera, it is a bit blurred.
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33: Wild Asparagus. Wrong time of the year to eat it, but here's a picture of it anyway.
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34: Crab Apple Tree
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35: Crab Apple Tree
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36: Crab Apple. Wildman cut one open to show that all apples have the seeds in a star.
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37: Poor Man's Pepper
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38: Rose Hips. With people grabbing the tree it was hard to take a picture of a moving bunch of berries.
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39: Wild Bay Leaf
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40: Blewit Mushroom
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41: Blewit Mushroom
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42: Wild Parsnips
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43: Wild Parsnips. A nice fat tap root.
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44: Wild Parsnips. The fellow that dug this one spent quite a while to get such a long root.
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45: Garlic Mustard
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46: Garlic Mustard
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47: Garlic Mustard
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48: Garlic Mustard. Well, the seeds were almost all gone, but I found a few. There were some in this picture, but they didn't come out. On pictures like this the camera has difficulty focusing.
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49: Northern Wild Raisins
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50: Northern Wild Raisins
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51: Northern Wild Raisin Bush
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52: Reishi Mushroom. Too old to eat.
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53: Witch Hazel
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54: Witch Hazel
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55: Wild Apples. Real apples and not crab apples. That's Wildman there with his arm outstretched, pointing out more of the trees.
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56: Wild Apples. To get them down some of the guys climbed the trees and shook them down. One got much higher up than this picture shows.
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57: Wild Apple - Closeup. Isn't it pretty?
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58: Field Garlic (Wild Onions). We didn't have time to go over this one. We spent a lot of time collecting apples. But I took a quick shot of a bunch.
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