Foraging in Prospect Park - Nov 13, 1999

Foraging in Prospect Park. These pictures were actually taken a week later, but are based on a "Wildman" Steve Brill tour given on 13 Nov 99. It follows the tour, but not all are included. I couldn't find some, and others were skipped as they appear in Cunningham Park.

1: Amaranth
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2: Amaranth
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3: Amaranth. Maybe easier to see with a contrasting background.
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4: Amaranth
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5: Hedge Mustard
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6: Yew. The park has lots of big Yew bushes, but there were no berries this year.
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7: Field Garlic (Wild Onion). A nice big clump.
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8: Common Wood Sorrel. The heart shaped leaf distinguishes it from clover.
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9: Gout Weed
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10: Gout Weed. It really is all over the park!
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11: Prickly Ash
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12: Prickly Ash. A close up of the trunk.
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13: Prickly Ash. Another close up of the trunk.
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14: Burdock. Not many good ones left to take pictures of. Did the tour participants harvest them all?
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15: Burdock. A closeup of a leaf.
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16: Burdock. Found elsewhere in the park.
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17: Dandelion
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18: Chicory
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19: Chicory
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20: Curly Dock. No good ones left to take pictures of. Did a tour participant come back later and harvest all of it?
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21: Curly Dock. A leaf closeup.
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22: Gingko seeds
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23: Beefstake
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24: Beefstake
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25: Beefstake. it was windly and to take a closeup I snipped a stem.
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26: Beefstake. Closeup of the flower.
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27: Wild Lettuce
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28: Witch Hazel
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29: Purple Flowering Raspberry.
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30: Purple Flowering Raspberry.
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31: Osage Orange. Not edible but reputed to repel roaches.
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32: Rose Hips. This wasn't on the tour, but I came across it as I was leaving the park.
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