- Site Processing

Processing is done from the Dashboard:

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Photo Data Overview

In the \tours\data folder there are these types of files:

ai_    Album information. Rows:
        1- album title
        2- album long description for top of page (and used for tours' index pages)
        3- key words. Not in use.
        4- copyright year CCYYMMDD format

c_    Tour order file. Folder names and location.

list_ List of members in virtual album. There is one virtual album \\tours\ForagingOther

pd_   Picture data. One row per picture. See processing below.

pi_   Plant information. Name here has to match in PlantList.txt file.
Plant Databases
Processing Pictures
This assumes that the notes during the tour were recorded with a Voice Recorder app. Camera time must be sync'd with the phone before tour. If off an hour because of a missed daylight savings change, there is a VBA macro to change it. But when IrfanView cleans the file it restores the time. The facility is still useful when needed to sync.

Set camera ISO to 3200 to increase depth of field. Lens used was 24-70 equivalent.

Adding Pictures to Plant Database
- xx Remove temp pd_ prefix with "Remove pd_ Prefix" button on the Pics sheet.

- Repeatedly run Find New for Plant List.
to find orphan plants and get names to match:
  Add To Plant List button.
  When down to only the new ones, paste result at top of PlantList and edit them there.

- Add walk to bottom of the c_TourOrder text file. Use link on Dashboard.

- Using buttons, process all.
The Code
Site specific code for the website resides in one VBA Module. The other processing code is discussed in Wiss Websites Processing.

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