Edible: Cornelian cherry [Cornus mas]

1 Cornelian cherry Cornelian cherry
Source: Central Park, Mar 19, 2000

2 Cornelian cherry Cornelian cherry. Not in cherry family, but in dogwood family.
Source: Central Park, Jun 10, 2000

3 Cornelian cherry closeup Cornelian cherry closeup. Not ripe yet. Will be ripe in Central Park in early August.
Source: Central Park, Jun 10, 2000

4 Cornelian cherry Cornelian cherry. Ripe in early August.
Source: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Jul 09, 2000

5 Cornelian cherry Cornelian cherry. Still green. Different trees ripen at different times. Needs to be a dark red to be good. If bright red will ripen at home.
Source: Central Park, Jul 29, 2000

6 Cornelian cherries on the ground Cornelian cherries on the ground.
Source: Central Park, Jul 29, 2000

7 Cornelian cherries Cornelian cherries. The national fruit of Turkey.
Source: Central Park, Aug 20, 2000

8 Cornelian cherries Cornelian cherries. Fruits are all gone now.
Source: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Sep 02, 2000

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